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Get a Library Card

Resident & Non-resident Eligibility

All residents of Dyer County area are eligible to apply for a McIver’s Grant Public Library card, free of charge

  • To establish residency in Dyer County, applicants must provide library staff with one of the following forms: a government-issued photo I.D. such as a Driver’s License identifying the applicant’s address; a current utility bill or copy of the patron’s rental agreement; an official bank statement, employer verification form or paystub, a current telephone directory listing with address within Dyer County.
  • There are a no age restrictions for obtaining a library card; however, all children from birth through age 17 must have a parent/guardian’s written consent prior to obtaining a library card.
    • The applicant’s parent/guardian must be present at the time that the application form is submitted on the minor’s behalf.
    • The applicant’s parent and the application form will need to explicitly indicate that the minor may check out computers or DVDs before he will be able to borrow these materials.
  • Individuals who live outside of Tennessee may obtain a library card by paying a $25.00 annual fee. The initial payment will be due at the time the application for the library card is submitted, and the renewal payment will be due one year from this date.

Library Card Application and Process

To obtain a library card, a person must complete and sign a Library Card Application form, which can be obtained at the Circulation Desk. All information on the application form will be authenticated and entered into the library’s Verso circulation system by a library staff.


Lost, Stolen, or Damaged

If a patron’s library card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the patron may receive a free second car. There will be a fee of $2.00 for any cards obtained after that time.


Information Up To Date

On an annual basis, the Verso circulation system will notify staff with a pop-up message as a reminder that it is time to update the patron’s telephone and address information. The patron will need to update his contact information before borrowing additional library materials.


Checking Out Library Material

To check out library materials, a patron must:

  • Present his current library card at the Circulation Desk
  • Be in good standing with the library, owing fewer than $5.00 in fines and fees.

Borrower Responsibilities

All individuals submitting a signed and completed Library Card Application indicate their understanding of and consent to abide by the McIver’s Grant Public Library’s policies regarding borrower responsibilities, which include

  • Accountability for all materials charge to his library card account, including financial liability for all fines and fees associated with overdue, lost, or damaged materials
  • Agreement to report the loss or theft of the library card
  • Consent to notify library staff of changes in address, phone or name
  • Responsibility to treat all library materials with appropriate care and to immediately report loss or damage
  • Parents and/or guardians of patrons aged seventeen or younger will be held responsible for the actions incurred by their minor children, including financial accountability
  • Returning all borrowed materials on time is expected as a courtesy to other patrons
  • The library reserves the right to restrict the borrowing privileges of any patron who misuses library materials or violates library borrowing policies
  • Patrons who check out in-house patron computers agree to abide by the library’s Computer Policy

Materials Access

  • Although the Library facilities are divided into sections such as Young Adult, Reference, Fiction, Nonfiction, etc. for the convenience of the public, patrons of any age may use al parts of the library (if so indicated on their library card account). The classification scheme, reviews by professionals and the librarians’ expertise contribute to the propers placement of material. The Children’s collection often reflects reality and as such, it may include material which is controversial or offensive to some. Mciver’s Grant Public Library staff does not serve in loco parentis; it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian, not the library staff, to monitor library use by children.
  • the mcIver’s Grant Public Library contains a certain specialized and/or fragile materials, to which patron access is limited. Genealogical resources, local history times, and reference materials are included in this category and are limited to in-library use only. Genealogical materials must remain within the library’s Genealogical Research room and Reference materials (such as test preparation books) must remain within the library building while being accessed by patrons. Photocopies of these materials can be made, within the limits imposed by copyright law; however, the library reserves the right to refuse to photocopy any material judged too frail for this process.

Interlibrary Loan (“ILL”)

  • ILL Policy
    • Scope: The Interlibrary loan (“ILL”) policy applies to al materials borrowed and loaned through the Firefly ILL courier service. McIver’s Grant Public Library participates in the Firefly Interlibrary Loan (“ILL”) Courier service, which was developed by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
    • Definitions:
      • ILL: Interlibrary Loan (“ILL”) is a transaction in which the McIver’s Grant Public Library borrows materials directly from another library in Tennessee on behalf of a patron while other cooperating libraries borrow materials from the McIver’s Grant Public Library on behalf of their respective patrons.
      • Firefly: the firefly ILL courier service combines on-the-ground delivery methods with digital technology to allow participating libraries to request and receive books on loan from other cooperating libraries throughout the state.
      • Materials Eligible for ILL:
        • Circulating books (including paperback, hardcover, and large print editions) and audiobooks (i.e. books on CD) are available for ILL at McIver’s Grant Public Library
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