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Getting to Know – Social Media Best Practices

Getting to Know – Social Media Best Practices

February 19, 2019

Learn about social media and how it can be an effective tool in everyday life. In this class you’ll learn: 1. The basic social media structure and terminology. 2. How to create your profile and the different uses of your social media. 3. Tips of keeping your social media yours. 4. How to stay connected and how to keep your social media working for you.
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 19th, at 10 am to 12 pm.
Duration: Two hours with breaks. Progresses from Basic to Advanced.
Location: McIver’s Grant Public Library, 410 West Court St., Dyersburg, TN
Contact: Kathryn McBride, Director, (731) 285-5032
Instructor: Allen Jones – Tencom Services

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